08 Jul 2024

The next-gen AI smartphones first hit the market in 2H23 and ~51m AI smartphone has been shipped in 2023. IDC forecasts the shipment of AI smartphone to surge over 200% YoY to 170m in 2024 and accounted for ~15% of total smartphone shipments. IDC expected AI smartphone’s market share to climb rapidly beyond 2024 as the industry players push aggressively towards more advanced chips and use cases evolve further after Apple announced Apple Intelligence and expect Android camp to follow suit.

In China market, IDC forecasts total AI phone shipments will reach 150m units in 2027, up from shipment of 10m units in 2023, representing a 4-year CAGR of 97%. IDC’s forecast suggests that the market share of next-gen AI smartphones in China market to surge from 5.5% in 2023 to over 50% in 2027. The accelerating penetration rate of next-gen AI smartphones in coming few years marks the coming of AI smartphone era.

AI smartphone and foldable smartphone, a new era of mobile technology