Institutional Sales & Trading Team

The Crosby Institutional Sales & Trading Team offer several products to institutional investors, including focused, independent and unbiased research products and bespoke corporate access services. Crosby’s team also has strong global distribution capability and extensive experience in book-building with IPOs and placements for a full range of IBD projects for both HK Mainboard and GEM board deals.


Crosby focuses specifically on bespoke, thematic and event-driven research products mainly on mid-cap and growth stocks. The team members have experience in buy-side and sell-side firms, and have achieved good recognition with top rankings in investors’ polls. Members of the research team have previously been ranked #1 Best Local Broker in Hong Kong by Asiamoney for two consecutive years and twice as first runner-up.

Corporate Access

Crosby provides focused and bespoke corporate access services, including buy-side v.s. listed corporate one-on-ones, non-deal roadshows, focused expert seminars / conferences and also regularly invites senior officials, industry leaders, ranked economists to meet the investors.

Principal Investments

The Principal Investments Team sources deals with capital market potential, and directly invest in these deals by way of initial debt / equity participation with a view of having an equity upside conversion at the exit or maturity. Principal Investments, together with Asset Management, package these individual deals into different investment formats and find co-investors to participate. Typical deals include Pre-IPO, Mezzanine Financing, Reverse M&A / M&A, Corporate Restructure Financing, Angel Investments, etc.

Financial Products

Crosby's Financial Products focuses on sale and sourcing of 2 products based on unsolicited client orders:

  • Market access. To assist non-Hong Kong institutional investors (e.g. QDII, Sunny PE Funds, Chinese based investment companies) to participate in IPO/Placements, usually through a securitized form.
  • Investment/yield related securitization. To facilitate corporate & institutional investors to invest global equities / debts investments wrapped under a securitized format.