05 Dec 2022

Decentralized wind power is becoming a new growth point in the wind power industry. In Sept 2021, NEA announced the implementation of the “One Hundred Counties, Thousand Villages and Ten Thousand Units Project” (千乡万村驭风行动) in China. In the short term, the first batch of 5,000 villages located in 100 counties will be selected, using scattered unused land in rural areas. If each village installs 2 wind turbines, and further assumes that each installed units to be 5MW, a total of 50GW of distributed wind capacity will be added in these 5,000 villages. In the long run, according to the calculations from China Wind Energy Association (“CWEA”), since there are 690,000 administrative villages in the country, and assumed 100,000 villages will participate in the plan, with each participated village to provide 200m2 of idle land for the construction of two 5MW generators, installed capacity of wind power would increase by 1,000GW.

CROSBY Research – Crosby Bi-noculars (Bi-weekly Issue 26) – Feature Article: Renewable Energy – Demand for distributed wind power on the rise