07 Nov 2022

China government strongly supports the development of its semiconductor industry. In the 14th Five Year Plan, the development of semiconductor industry has been made a national priority and targets 70% chips self-sufficiency ratio by 2025. According to SEMI, China will be leading the world by building 31 new chip factories by the end of 2024, which is higher than 19 new fabs in Taiwan and 12 in the U.S. Since most of the 31 new fabs in China will be making mature technology nodes (28nm nodes and above), there will be limited impact of the semi export control by the U.S., which prohibits export of technology and equipment for making advanced processes nodes. In semiconductor manufacturing, wafer fab processes usually require ISO-4 or cleaner cleanroom. To provide an up-to-standard cleanroom environment is one of the key requirements for fab construction. Cleanroom facility segment is set to be benefited from the massive semiconductor factory buildout in China.

CROSBY Research – TMT sector: Cleanroom facility segment, a hidden gem benefited from China’s massive semiconductor factory buildout