25 Jan 2019

Crosby Research: Crosby Peacock Series Corporate Day on 23 January 2019

Canvest (1381 HK, BUY) – Maintaining its annual capacity target

China Comm. Services (552 HK, NR) – Benefited from 5G capex & applications

China Telecom (728 HK, NR) – 5G capex could be more incremental     

Chinasoft (354 HK, NR) – True potential overshadowed by Huawei crisis          

Greatview (468 HK, NR) – International market is the key growth driver          

Johnson Electric (179 HK, NR) – More automation for better cost control        

  1. Wah (173 HK, NR) - Good contracted sales lays a strong foundation for 2019          

Kaisa Group (1638 HK, NR) – A beneficiary of Greater Bay Area development 

Plover Bay (1523 HK, NR) – Keep promoting new products        

Sany Heavy Equipment (631 HK, NR) - Replacement demand to fuel growth   

Union Medical (2138 HK, NR) – A medical tourism play   

Vixtel Technologies (1782 HK, NR) – “Focus on 5G” strategy       

Yip’s Chemical (408 HK, NR) – Venture into new auto maintenance market